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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Promo Gallery

Composed shots meant to show off the port. Click the images to open them in 8K (7680x4320) resolution! Originally captured at 16K (15360x8640).

Misty Island ambush (NTSC-U box image recreation)
Fire Canyon at night (NTSC-U box image recreation)
Punching in Geyser Rock (NTSC-U box image recreation)
Snowy Mountain (NTSC-U box image recreation)
Boggy Swamp on Flut-Flut (PAL box image recreation)
Attacked by a Babak in Forbidden Jungle (PAL box image recreation)
Sentinel Beach wide shot at dawn (NTSC-J box image recreation)
Mountain Pass at night (with eco)
Gol and Maia's Citadel
Spider Cave main cave
Volcanic Crater minecarts
Precursor Basin rolling hills
Dark eco barrels in Lava Tube
OpenGOAL has added subtitle support for in-game hints well as cutscenes
OpenGOAL level-of-detail (LOD) control (left: highest detail; right: lowest detail)
OpenGOAL Collision Renderer
OpenGOAL debug menu tab and memory overview
OpenGOAL joint and bones debug tools
OpenGOAL mood debug tools
Various Naughty Dog debug tools enabled at once

Development Gallery

Various pictures and videos we took while working on the Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy port.

[2022-01-10] Boggy Reflections
[2022-01-10] Starry Sky
[2022-01-11] Can Save And Load
[2022-01-11] Too Much Fog
[2022-01-15] target
[2022-01-28] Bones See Light
[2022-01-31] Entity Debugging
[2022-02-02] Light Cave
[2022-02-04] BLERC
[2022-02-04] Jak And Daxter Are Stunned
[2022-02-04] Lurker Chilling
[2022-02-04] Robotboss Appears