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Reviving the Language that Brought us the Jak and Daxter Series.

Started in 2020, OpenGOAL has continuously improved and evolved. With the first two games being considered playable and a small but very active modding community, there is always something to work towards.

Progress Report - May 2024
Progress Report - May 2024

Jak 3 decompilation is nearing completion.

Progress Report - April 2024
Progress Report - April 2024

Jak 3 progress is skyrocketing.

Progress Report - March 2024
Progress Report - March 2024

Jak 3 decompilation progress continues, there will be a lot to share next month.

Play the classics you loved with a twist

The OpenGOAL version adds a variety of improvements and accessibility options. Modders have even made creative modifications and entirely new content.

Native not Emulation

OpenGOAL is a fully fledged native x86-64 port. This means better performance, accuracy and compatibility

Like Playing the Original

A major goal is ensuring the game feels the same as the original. It should also look the same (but hopefully better!)

Quality of Life Increases

We are not afraid to add features that increase quality of life or accessibility

Freedom to create and improve

Having the games decompiled and recompilable essentially means you are only limited by time and effort. Additionally if you are interested in technical areas like compiler development and everything that involves, this is a project for you.

Built From Scratch

OpenGOAL is built from the ground up in an attempt to mimic the original GOAL language

Extend and Modify

Supporting modifications to the original game is a major goal of the project

Learn About the Games

Explore the code for the original games to learn how they worked