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Native not Emulation

OpenGOAL is a fully fledged native x86-64 port. This means better performance, accuracy and compatibility

Like Playing the Original

A major goal is ensuring the game feels the same as the original. It should also look the same (but hopefully better!)

Built From Scratch

OpenGOAL is built from the ground up in an attempt to mimic the original GOAL language

Extend and Modify

Supporting modifications to the original game is a major goal of the project

Quality of Life Increases

We are not afraid to add features that increase quality of life or accessibility

Learn About the Games

Explore the code for the original games to learn how they worked

About the Project

The project officially started back in 2020 and has continued to grow more and more ambitious

At a high level, our strategy is as follows:

  • decompile the original game code into human-readable GOAL code
  • develop our own compiler for GOAL and recompile game code for x86-64
  • create a tool to extract game assets into formats that can be easily viewed or modified
  • create tools to repack game assets into a format that our port uses

Watch our Progress

OpenGOAL is always improving, if you want to see the latest changes checkout the progress page

Check it Out

Read the Docs

While they can always be better, something is better than nothing. If you are interested in assisting in developing, check out the docs here, as well as the documentation in the GitHub repo itself.

Reference Docs