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How to Replace Textures


The following instructions depend on if you are using a release version (pre-compiled) or building the project from source.


Do not change the resolution of the sky, clouds, or eye textures. Other textures should let you change the size. Using extremely large textures will use more VRAM and will load slower.

The PNG file should have an alpha channel. Some textures use their alpha channels for transparency, or for indicating which parts should have environment mapping applied. It may be useful to look at how the original texture uses the alpha channel first, especially for particle effects.

Where to place the files?

Using a Release build

Create a folder called texture_replacements inside the data directory. The directory structure should be


Where page_name is the name of the folder in data/decompiler_out/jak1/textures and texture_name.png is the name of the texture.

From source

Textures to be replaced should be saved in


Where page_name is the name of the folder in decompiler_out/jak1/textures and texture_name.png is the name of the texture.


You'll have to create the texture_replacements folder yourself.

To make this easier to set up, you can copy the default textures from assets, and then modify those.

For example, you can copy the common folder from data/decompiler_out/jak1/textures to texture_replacements. Then you can modify the png files in texture_replacements/common

Rebuilding the game with modified textures

Run the decompiler/extractor again to rebuild with modified textures.

If it worked, you will see:

Replacing jak-project/texture_replacements/common/jng-precursor-metal-plain-01-lores.png

as part of the output.