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Crowdin Announcement

· 2 min read

Hopefully an easier way to contribute and keep track of what needs translating

Just a quick announcement to bring attention to something we've setup.

We've setup a Crowdin Project to keep track of and accept translations for the custom strings we've added to the game. For modifying the base game strings, this will still require a PR via GitHub but this is atleast a step in the direction of making the process more accessible. Also it goes without saying that the base game's strings never changes, but we continue to add more and more custom strings overtime!

More information can be found on an accompanying documentation page

This is all very new, so as usual, bare with us and feel free to reach out in the Discord. Also, please reach out if any of the following apply:

  • You've contributed to the Crowdin project and would like to be a proof-reader / language lead
  • You'd like to contribute to a language that isn't already in the list but would be well supported by the game's font. We can work together to make that happen

Lastly, we will also soon have an addition Crowdin project for the Launcher, so keep on the lookout for that.

The Launcher project has also been setup here